The Super Pacers take pride in providing runners with the best experience possible. We will not only help runners hit their goals, but we will make sure they have fun doing it! Here's the buzz on the Super Pacers:


Kimmie Lynn - 3:50 Pacer - Tomoka Marathon

Hi Don,
I ran Tomoka Marathon last weekend and was fortunate enough to have Kimmie Lynn as my 3:50 pacer. Just wanted to let you know she was great.
Looking forward to running this again next year.

Gucci - 3:15 Pacer - RnR New Orleans Marathon

I just ran the New Orleans Rock and Roll marathon with Dan at the 3:15 pace. I wanted to express my gratitude towards your group, and Dan in particular. He was extremely positive and fun throughout the race. I was unable to keep up with him after mile 22-23 or so, but I beat my previous marathon best by over an hour! I hope he knows that he ran a super fast race and led me to the run of my life.
Thanks again,



Mike - 1:45 Pacer - RnR New Orleans Half Marathon

I wanna give a big shoutout to Super Pacer Mike, who led the 1:45 half group. He was so encouraging and uplifting, which helped me hit my huge PR of 1:43! Thank you, Mike! Iā€™m so grateful for your positivity!

Super - Pace Team Leader

Four years ago I was tasked with finding a Pace Team for the 35 anniversary running of the GoodLife Victoria Marathon, after much searching... I was very impressed with Sabrina and her team. All the questions and concerns I had about a US team running in miles coming up to pace in Canada with kilometers was quickly put to rest. Sabrina put me at ease with her professionalism and energetic demeanor, and that transfers directly into all of her Pacers. The team she put together for Victoria was outstanding, from working the Expo, to talking to nervous runners before the race,  to hitting their pace goals! The thing that I was really impressed with was the pacers from the middle of the pack back! I had assumed (wrongfully) that paces were for the faster runners, what I found out was that the whole team was there to help all runners achieve their goals. The high fives and hugs from runners and Pacers at the finish line was a joy to watch!
Bart - Victoria Marathon



Dr. Fattmann - Pacer Extraordinaire

I've paced 114 marathons in 38 states over the last 5 years and always look forward to being on the Super team. 
Some races just hobble together a group from anyone who expresses interest (I actually had a co-pacer once at a large race thank me at the finish for getting her through her first marathon!). Others, usually coordinated by nonrunners, have preconceived but wrong ideas about what it takes to pace (a popular race won't let me because I run "too much"; last year, I passed 5 of their well-rested team members who had thrown in the towel). 
Some teams get the technical part right but have no fun in the process; others keep their group smiling, until they realize they're not going to finish on time. Super Pacers come factory-equipped with both cruise control AND a state-of-the-art entertainment system. Every member eats, breathes, and lives running. We are passionately dedicated to showing, and getting, our group a great time.